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1970's and 1980's Hot Spot for Live Entertainment in London, Ontario, Canada

     In the 1970's you would find Fryfogles Tavern (Fryfogles not Fryfogel's) on the Southside of Dundas Street just West of Wellington, 253 Dundas in beautiful London, Ontario.  Many people called it "The best bar in London" for food and big name entertainment. It was there that you could see some very big acts in the intimacy of a small nightclub.  Some of the names who performed on the Fryfogles stage  were:

     Muddy Waters
     Bitter Blue
     Carol Pope and Rough Trade
     Dominic Troiano
     Tiny Tim
     Downchild Blues Band
     Teenage Head
     Long John Baldry
     Foot In Cold Water
     BB King
     Johnny Winter
     Nash The Slash
     James Cotton Blues Band
     Max Webster
     Freddy Cannon
     Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
     Savoy Brown
     Martha And The Muffins
     Powder Blues Band
     Dave Wilcox
     Marianne Faithfull

Fryfogles Tavern Sign
Carol Pope Rough Trade
Long John Baldry
Entrance Fryfogles Tavern
Marianne Faithful London Free Press
Marianne Faithful Ticket Fryfogles Tavern
Rough Trade Carol Pope
Marianne Faithful News Clipping
Carole Pope and Rough Trade on the Fryfogles stage.
Carole Pope singing her heart out with Rough Trade.
Fryfogles Tavern Button
Long John Baldry having a good time on the Fryfogles stage.
A Fan's Quote:  "They had the best burgers in town".
The Fryfogles Badge.

London was crazy for Marianne Faithfull! (Spelled with two L's)  The advance tickets for her show at Fryfogles Tavern sold out in two days.  Six hours before her show was to start people were lined up at the door.  When she reached to stage Marianne was quite subdued but her fans screamed and shouted throughout the night which seemed to please her.  Marianne Faithful was a Mega-Hit for Fryfogles Tavern when she performed there August 15, 1983.

Fryfogles Ticket for the Marianne Faithfull Show, August 15, 1983.
The London Free Press write up of the Marianne Faithful Show at The Fryfogles Tavern.
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Marianne Faithfull 1966
Muddy Waters
Tiny Tim
Marianne Faithfull
John Lee Hooker
Max Webster
James Cotton
Guitarist Silhouette
Marianne Faithful Lettering

Marianne Faithfull  was born Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull on December 29, 1946.  She had her first hit record, "As Tears Go By" in 1964 at the age of 18.  Her first album titled "Marianne Faithfull" was a huge success.
     In 1966 she started a romantic relationship with Mick Jagger which lasted until 1970.  Apparently Jagger was going to marry her but his rising stardom and notoriety caused problems between them.  Also, according to a friend "Marianne could not emotionally handle Mick Jagger's appetite for other women.  However, Marianne admits she had sex, in a one night stand, with Keith Richards without Jagger knowing about it to get back at him.
     Marianne Faithfull says the best night of her life was the one she spent cheating on Sir Mick Jagger.  Quote: ''The night I spent with Keith. Even now, it stands out. I think it was so great and memorable because it was just one night. That was it. And we're still great friends.''  Keith infuriated his bandmate when he wrote in his autobiography that Marianne had ''no fun'' with Mick in bed because the front man has a ''tiny todger''.  Following Keith's claim, Marianne was later asked whether the guitarist's comments about Mick's manhood were true, prompting her to reply: ''Not quite, but nearly.''

     However, after her split from Jagger, her popularity was overshadowed by personal problems.  During that time she was anorexic, homeless, and a heroin addict and lived on the streets for two years.  However, with the help of her friends and stays at Rehab Clinics, in 1979 she released the album "Broken English" and it was one of her most critically hailed albums. 
     No one really knows how or why the once "world famous" and beautiful Marianne Faithfull showed up on the stage in London, Ontario at Fryfogles Tavern, August, 1983.  But her fans certainly gave her a huge sendup proving that there is much love for the pretty, blonde singer from Hampstead, London, England.

Fryfogles Tavern
Marianne Faithfull
Article by John Hoy

Wendy Strahl
Always had a great time at Fryfogles in the mid 70s....such good times....great music...great times...our group of friends hung out their frequently..good times!!!

Laurence Daw
Two favourites: John Cage, Marianne Faithfull. Too many others to mention.

Johnny Corona
The Music... The Nightlife...
The Everything!!!😎

Gail Kennedy
Downchild, Long John Baldry, Papa John Creech just to name a few. Best entertainment, best staff and great customers. Years of fun!

Janice Arandelovic
I saw Crowbar there.I danced with the guitar player who was with the group Jericho.

Brad Chamberlain
John Kay and Long John Baldry

Sue Linda
Happy hour on Christmas Eve was always a blast. Upstairs and down!

Cathleen Kneel Brandt
Carl Perkins played there one night. I met him downstairs on the way to the loo. We had a little chat and after the show he gave me his guitar pick and autographed a little poster for me

Dyan Bentley
Not sure where to start......A significant chunk of my youth spent there.
Teenage Head, Carol Pope, Nash the Slash , Mitch Ryder.
Good times thx to Donny Blais.

Fryfogles Tavern Fan Comments
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Fryfogles Tavern

London Ontario Canada

     If you saw our band "Bitter Blue" at Fryfogles Tavern back in the 70's or if you frequented Fryfogles way back then, we would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a message in our Guest Book and tell us of your experience!  Thank you.
Bitter Blue Rock Band
BB King
         Bitter Blue
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Marianne Faithfull - 1966.
Nick Panaseiko in front of the iconic Fryfogles Tavern