"Jarvis House" - Toronto - July, 1977
"Moustache Club" - Montreal - September, 1974
Bitter Blue - "Studio Recordings" - January, 1977
Bitter Blue - "Practice Recordings" - March 25, 1973
Tom, John, Julian - "First Recording" - September, 1972
"Final Performance" - March 4, 1978
"Happy Valley Inn" - Sarnia - January 20, 1977
(Includes "Abbey Road Medley")
   ("Nobody But You" - "Lucky Man" - "Sgt. Pepper's Medley")
   ("Jesus Christ Superstar Medley")
   ("Feelin' Alright" - "Tommy Medley")
(Includes "Bohemian Rhapsody")
(Includes "Moody Blues Medley")
   ("Closer To Home (I'm Your Captain)" - "Doctor My Eyes")
(Includes "Watcher Of The Skies" - Genesis)
   ("Biscuit's Boogie")
Bitter Blue 1974
Bitter Blue July 1977
Blue Music-Note 2
Blue Boy Painting
"Classic Rock Band" - October 1972 - March 1978
Bitter Blue Archive 1977
(Includes "Carry On Wayward Son" - Kansas)

     Bitter Blue - a "Classic Rock" band that was formed in October, 1972 in Toronto and toured venues from April, 1973 to March, 1978. The band was managed by Castle Management (Bill Townsend, Jim McBain).  Known for Medleys:  Jesus Christ Superstar,  Sgt. Pepper,  Abbey Road,  Elton John,  Moody Blues,  Tommy  as well as artists such as Super Tramp,  Genesis,  Paul McCartney,  Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)  Kansas,  Steely Dan,  King Crimson.  The original band members consisted of Lead Singer: Paul Fletcher,  Lead Guitar: Tom Hoy,  Piano/Synthesizer/Vocals: Brent Moss,  Drums: Julian Chojnacki,  Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Stephen Parsons,  Bass/Vocals: John Hoy. Roadies: Sound Engineer: Cactus, Lighting Technician: Stroker  Other members: John Ciccone, Steve Coombs, Ron Phole. Serafin Schardt (Serge), Alec Fraser, Paul Kinney.

Bitter Blue Ontario Tour included: Renfrew (White House Tavern, Butson's Bar),  Windsor (Elmwood Casino),  Chatham (Turf Room),  London (Fryfogles Tavern),  Oakville (Riverside Tavern, The Flamingo Club),  Guelph (Choo Choo Club), Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge,  North Bay (Continental Hotel),  Sault Ste. Marie (The Water Tower),  Sudbury (Belton HotelAmbassador Hotel),  Brantford (Graham Bell Inn),  Belleville,  Hanover, McMaster University,  Hamilton (Jockey Club),  Kingston,  Delhi,  Mississauga (Whipple Tree),  Owen Sound (Downtowner Hotel),  Midland,  Huntsville,  Sarnia (Happy Valley Inn), Cornwall,  St. Catharines (Sugar's Bar, Montebello Bar), Orangeville (Hockley Hills Resort), Timmins (Wattagawi Hotel),  Kapuskasing (Kapuskasing Inn),  Toronto (Jarvis House, Park Plaza Hotel, Olympic Tavern, Seaway Towers, Mingles, Harbour Castle, Royal York Hotel, Nickelodeon),  Woodstock,  Ottawa,  Ontario Science Center.

Bitter Blue Eastern Tour included:  Montreal (Norm's Moustache Club, McGill University),  Hull, Quebec (Chaudiere Club),  Vermont: Burlington, U.S.A. (Yankee Trader Hotel),  New Brunswick,  Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown, (The Show Boat),  Nova Scotia: New Glasgow (Highlander Pub), Port Hawkesbury,  Moncton (Moncton Junction, Railhead Cabaret),  Halifax (Zapata's Inn, Gainsborough Pub),  Newfoundland: Grand Falls (Logger Lounge),  Corner Brook (Harry's Nightclub).

The Crazy Bar Scene Of The 1970's:  Prior to 1971 a rock band might get one gig a month in the gymnasium of a high school for a couple of hundred dollars a night.  But then in 1971 the drinking age in Ontario was lowered from 21 to 18 years of age.  So it was goodbye to school gyms and hello to bars where the real action was!  (The drinking age was later raised to 19 years old in 1972).

     Not only were the "Boomers" coming of age, but now 19 and 20 year old's could legally drink in bars.  This was the set-up for a huge explosion in the nightlife of bars across the province.  Instead of monthly gigs, now rock bands would play 6 nights a week plus Saturday afternoon matinees and make $1000's of dollars a week! (through a steady stream of blue cigarette smoke; there were no anti-smoking laws back then)  The bar owners loved it, especially when they could charge a "cover charge" just for people to get into the club.  There were so many new rock bars opening up in the 1970's that a good band could easily get booked for 52 weeks of the year every year.

     However, you could not be a "Garage Band" and try to fake it.  Competition between the rock groups was intense.  You had to be tight and professional to get onto the 1970's bar circuit.  Band members would always be checking other acts out to gauge their level of performance and they would often compete in  "Battle Of The Bands" events held in large arenas.

     No young person would even enter a bar unless there was a very good rock band playing.  Every band was part of the Musician's Union and there were contracts and conditions to ensure that they were paid promptly and fairly.  The bar owners depended on these musicians to draw the crowds in and make them a lot of money and that's exactly what they did.  Some of the many big names that got their start playing in the packed bars were: The Guess WhoRushNeil YoungLighthouseApril WineTriumphRough Trade, Max Webster and Five Man Electrical Band to name a few.  (Shania Twain was singing in bars in Timmins, Ontario in 1973 at the age of eight between Midnight and 1:00 A.M. when they stopped serving liquor)

     But alas the Golden Age of Ontario Rock Bands would come to an end.  The bars would empty out.  By 1980 the boomers had gotten married, had kids and stayed home.  The Ontario Rock Music Bar Scene was gone.  But it was one helluva ride while it lasted!

Bitter Blue Rock Band

Chatham Toronto Ontario Canada

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   ("Take Me Back To Yesterday" - "The Lady's a Dreamer")
Randy PondSaturday, 5/22/21, 12:57 PM

     I can remember seeing you way back in the early-mid 70's in Grand Falls, NL.  Can't remember the name of the bar (in the Mall).  Could have been Camp 24?  Anyway, we were blown away by your covers.  I can remember the JC Superstar medley especially. Always wondered what happened to you.  Now I sort of know!!

From:Lewisporte, NL  (Newfoundland)
  ("Trilogy" - " I Can't Quit Her" - "Story In Your Eyes")
Article by John Hoy
The History Of Bitter Blue
History of Fryfogles Tavern
Music Note 2
Bitter Blue - 1974
The Turf Room - Bitter Blue - Chatham, Ontario - 1977
Blue Boy - Unofficial Mascot
Bitter Blue 1976
Bitter Blue 1977
Bitter Blue - 1977
  Bitter Blue - 1976
October 5, 1974
     If you were part of the Boomers who frequented the  Ontario rock band bar scene in the 70's or if you saw our band "Bitter Blue" then please leave us a comment in our Guest Book.  We would greatly appreciated that!
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   ("Band On The Run" - "Bad Side Of The Moon" - "Color My World")
        ("Good Ol' Rock And Roll"  "Ramblin' Man")
Bitter Blue Poster 1977
Bitter Blue Poster - 1977
Bitter Blue Promo 1974
Bitter Blue 1973
Bitter Blue - 1973
Bitter Blue - 1974
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Music Note 2
Blue Music-Note 2
   ("Ain't No Sunshine" - "All Is Fair In Love")
Bitter Blue Poster 2
Bitter Blue - 1974
Bitter Blue First Gig
Serge SchardtMonday, 11/21/22, 2:48 PM

     Worked as roadie and light man when Edgar Dzenis, the mad Latvian, was your manager. Stevie Combes left and replaced by Paul Kinney from Stumbling Blind and Alec Fraser replaced you on bass. Played at Mad Mechanics, London, Hamilton, St Kitts, Niagara Falls, the Genosha in Oshawa, mad basement set up Kingston and then band just kind of petered out. Still remember great nights great music hope all the lads are fine and well. Crazy Ed and gorgeous wife Suzane up in mad rodent country Wiarton nutty as ever. Take care man.

From:Once upon a time Yugoslavia
Bitter Blue rolling out to the first gig at The White House Tavern,
                                  Renfrew, Ontario - April 8th, 1973

Oshawa This Weekend - ENTERTAINMENT - February 24, 1978

   Bitter Blue Raises Balloon At Oshawa's Main Street

     With a hot air balloon to advertise a club and a possible recording contract in Korea, Bitter Blue, a rock band playing at the Genosha Hotel's Main Street, is anything but mundane.  The Toronto-based musicians, chosen as the most promising group in CHUM radio's Super Session competition last summer, are expecting things to happen in a big way.

     The release of their first album, Child Of The Stars, will be the key to Bitter Blue's rise to stardom.  And with the help of a smooth publicity campaign, headed up by their manager, Ed Dzenis, the group anticipates better days.  Mr. Dzenis says that family connections may lead to the recording of the disc in the less expensive studios in the Orient.  "It is being worked on through diplomatic channels" he says.  "We are looking at the end of March.

   The balloon is the manager's brain child too. Before the band and Mr. Dzenis' "destinies met six months ago" he was involved in an advertising promotion gimmick using a balloon as the medium.  With his addition to the Bitter Blue entourage came the 56,000 cubic feet of hot air which is emplazoned with the group's name on the ball of material which envelopes it.  "We may put it up in Oshawa, but only if the wind is right", Mr. Dzenis cautions.  Bitter Blue is at Main Street tonight and Saturday, so we may never get to see the sphere.

     But, if you wander down to the club this weekend to catch their act, you'll witness some competent rock.  And when the band features it's original tunes like Child Of The Stars, Before The Universe and Gideon--an entertaining bit of rock theater hampered only some over-indulgent guitar riffs from lead player Tom Hoy --- Bitter Blue shows glimpses of inventiveness as well.

     Also in the five-year-old band are drummer Paul Kinney and bassist Alec Fraser, both new members, plus originals Brent Moss on keyboards, singer Paul Fletcher and lead guitarist Tom Hoy.  Bitter Blue performs songs from the albums of The Beatles, Jeff Beck and Queen and present a commendable Moody Blues medley, a refreshing repertoire from the usual bar band stuff.  The name of the group, by the way, is lifted from the title of a Cat Steven's song on his Teaser and the Fire Cat disc.  The band doesn't perform the tune in it's set, however.

​                                                                              Article by Bob Thompson - Staff Writer

Bitter Blue Genosha Main Street Bar
Bitter Blue - Genosha Main Street Bar - February 1978

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March 15, 2023

Barry Kershaw
[To] John Hoy - My mom Joan Kershaw ran the Coffee Pot in hotel. When she'd come home from work she bring us kids photos of you guys. [Bitter Blue]            Comments on Facebook Group - St. Catharines 60's and 70's

Elaine Sharkey
Great times any one remember Bitter Blue out of Toronto great band ❤️played there a lot , did rock operas , pin ball wizard, beetles dirty uncle Ernie , Jesus Christ super star ⭐️

       July 14 - July 26 ----- Zapata's, Halifax, Nova Scotia - $2,000.00 Flat.
       July 28 - Aug. 3 ------ Railhead Cabatet, Moncton, N.B. - $2,200 Flat.
       Aug. 3 - Aug. 9 ------- The Showboat, Charlotte Town, P.E.I - $2,000+.
       Aug. 11 - Aug. 17 ---- Harry's Nightclub, Cornerbrook, Nfld - $2,500 Flat.
       Aug. 18 - Aug. 24 ---- Logger's Lounge, Grand Falls, Nfld. - $2,300
       Aug. 26 - Aug. 30 ---- Highlander Pub, New Glasgow, N.S. - $1,700+
List of 1975 Eastern Tour Dates, Locations, Bar Names and Fees Paid